We welcome applications from professionals who are bright, smart and passionate about their work and someone who can communicate openly and honestly. Preference will be given to those professionals who want to create new experiences for our clients and those who are passionate about protecting the environment and communities around us.

Current Vacancies

• Responsible for day to day operations of the Spa
• Communicate regularly and efficiently to the Management
• Observe Quality Control in all aspects
• Manage the Spa’s finances and be answerable for any loss in revenue
• Supervise staff and trouble shoot any staff/customer related issues
• Ensure that all Spa operations are in full compliance with local health and safety codes
• Recruit and interview new candidates
• Train new employees and current staff in new techniques and procedures
• Maintain store sales and stock inventories
• Payroll management and profit management
• Create weekly work schedules for staff
• Assist staff and customers in a polite, friendly and co-operative manner

• Assist the Spa Manager in all her duties when the Spa Manager is busy/absent
• Communicate regularly and efficiently to the Spa Manager
• Deal directly with customers by answering queries, attending to them and orienting them of Spa services and Spa Products.
• Do other operational and managerial duties as assigned by the Spa Manager and Management

• Any additional courses, e.g. aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massage, remedial massage is beneficial
FOCUS is on professionalism, quality control, revenue, use of your own personal massage movements with our advanced techniques to ensure that our clients feel truly special and receive the ultimate personalized massage that will provide longer lasting results for them.

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